Saturday 20 January 2024

HQFCB formerly TFATU #1.5 Reminder Post for 2024

 We at HQFCB/TFATU are hoping your dreams and wishes are coming true! 

It's close to the midway point of the 1st competition ending on January 31st so DT Granmargaret and I are bringing some more magical inspiration to tantalize your creative mojo! 

Come and join our 'always anything fantasy goes' theme competition. Bragging rights are possible. Starting in 2023, the winner will be offered an invite to be a Guest Designer in the following month's competition. And then there are a minimum of Top 3. If there are 41+ entries, there will be a Top 5 which gives a couple of more crafters a chance at bragging rights. 

In 2024,we're also starting a new monthly fantasy focus option and will have a best pick of those as an additional winner. January's fantasy focus is abominable snowman or yeti/sasquatch. There is a separate bragging rights badge possible for this focus so make sure to have at least 1 January focus entry to be considered.

DT Granmargaret's card = a trio of fairies birthday card = 


Project #2 using the January fantasy focus option of Yeti=


DT/owner Becca's card 

Project #1: unicorn birthday card = 


Project #2 using a January 2024 fantasy focus option= Yeti (Big Foot/Sasquatch)=

Thanks Granmargaret for joining me in offering more inspiration to the TFATU readers!
Check the sidebar of the blog for each design team member's links to their personal blogs.


January 6, 2024 competition link for The Fairy and The Unicorn challenge blog=

The main launch posting has the Inlinkz tool address that you need to use to submit your 1-5 fantasy themed cards and remember that we're offering a new monthly fantasy option with its own honoree badge (you've got to submit at least 1 Yeti/Abominable Snowman project to be considered).


Crafting happily forevermore,

Heart's Quest Fantasy Challenge Blog 2024 design team

Ilonka, Granmargaret, Vannessa H (NEW) and Becca


In January 2024, "TFATU" will be undergoing some changes. The blog banner and badges main color will switch to red. 

"TFATU" will be renamed since I will be making it part of my Heart's Quest family of challenge blogs. It's new name is "Heart's Quest Fantasy Challenge Blog". 

The blog address will remain the same for 2024. We hope that you will continue to support our unique niche in the paper-crafting/cardmaking blog world.


Saturday 6 January 2024

HQFCB formerly known TFATU #1 AGF challenge for 2024

Best Wishes and Sweet Dreams at 

Heart's Quest Fantasy Challenge Blog!

(formerly known as TFATU or The Fairy and The Unicorn)

#1 challenge for 2024; always AGF= anything goes fantasy;

still starting on the 1st Saturday of each month; January 6-31, 2024

Participants can enter 1-5 fantasy themed cards per competition.

Introducing in 2024, we will have a fantasy focus option each month and those who choose to do that selection, they will be eligible for a 'best option winner' badge for an additional bragging right.

January's fantasy focus is: Yeti or Abominable Snowman


November 2024's Overall Winner with a Guest invite for January 2024 was Pauline C!!!

Pauline creates these fanciful, fantastical magic-filled scenes of delight! This is an awesome card! Very dreamy! 

A few words from Pauline: Hi, my name is Pauline. I live in Liverpool in the UK and have been crafting since 2005 though I took a long break between 2013 and 2021. I am now retired so have a lot more time to craft, and love stamping and colouring. I like to try different techniques but am a particular fan of Lavinia stamps to create magical fantasy scenes!

Thanks for accepting the guest invite and for being a supportive participant!


Design Team members for 2024 are: Granmargaret, Claire, Ilonka, Vannessa H (NEW) and Becca!!!


fantasy choice: fairies

and her Project #2 with the January fantasy focus option: Yeti=



fantasy choice: gnomes



fantasy choice: meditating fairy and her dragon


Greetings to our new design team member:

Vannessa H

fantasy focus option choice: Abominable Snowman


Becca= Gnoel Gnomes Hiding in Plain Sight

fantasy choice: gnomes

Project #2 = January 2024 focus option:  Abominable Snowman

Thanks gals for getting 2024 begun with amazing imaginative creations!


Fantasy content has had a few tweaks: witches and wizards will no longer be allowed; my desire is to highlight fantasy characters and creatures that are teasing, playful, imaginative, magical, and/or have a role of rescuer/protector or vanquishing evil. 



1. There is a page with free clipart images to use for some of the more uncommon fantasy creatures that we don't see normally on the blog. 

2. For January 2024's option focus, there is an Abominable Snowman and a Yeti/Bigfoot clipart images on that page.

3. Bragging rights post for January will be published after the competition ends on January 31 at 12am central time/Chicago.

4. In order to be eligible for the new bragging rights about the month's focus, you will have to create at least 1 Abominable Snowman/Yeti creature project. 

5. In order to be eligible for at-large overall winner or Top 3/Top 5, you have to submit at least 1 fantasy creature project. 

6. Have fun all month at Heart's Quest Fantasy Challenge blog (previously known as TFATU or The Fairy and The Unicorn). We accept more than fairies or unicorns, so think about Cupid, angels, gnomes, mermaids, dragons, centaurs, Pegasus, and others. 

LINK tool =


Sweet Dreams and Best Wishes!

Heart's Quest Fantasy Design Team

Vannessa H (WELCOME!!!), Ilonka, Granmargaret, Claire, and Becca


Previews of fantasy focus options for February and March are shown on the sidebar of our blog home page. So if you want a chance to be planning ahead this is a terrific opportunity to do so.


Tuesday 2 January 2024

TFATU or HQFCB #12 December 2023 Bragging Rights for Overall Winner and Top 3 Picks

 December 2023 Winner and Top 3 Picks Announcement

from The Fairy and The Unicorn challenge blog

Congrats to these 4 entries/artisans out of 27 submissions: Ella, Suzanne, Melanie H, and Carla!!!!

December 2023 Overall Winner is Ella (karto flana) !!

entry #9= angel


 our Overall Winner she gets a Guest DT invite!

-- if you're interested in being our February 2024 Guest Design Team member, please email Becca S, owner of TFATU (HQFCB) at

-----------------------  AND  -------------------------

Bragging rights for Top 3 Picks:

December #12 in 2024 Top 3 Picks in the order selected by owner/DT me (Becca)  are=

#5 by Suzanne R= gnomes


#11 Melanie H= elf

#16 Carla = fairy


Fantastic fantasy characters! Well done! 


 These were my favorites from the amazing variety of quality entries. I had a very difficult time deciding. 

Thanks to everyone who participated in December! We've been pretty steady with entries in 2023. We appreciate that. 

January 2024 #1 competition will start on January 6th, the 1st Saturday of the month!!!


Sweet dreams and best wishes!

TFATU** design team members Claire, Granmargaret, Ilonka, Vannessa (new) and owner Becca S



**Heart's Quest Fantasy Challenge Blog

**TFATU will become part of Becca's Heart's Quest family of blogs for the January 6, 2024 posting. The blog banner color changes and so does the main title. The old name title will be included for 2024 as everyone adjusts. The blog's web address will stay the same too so that it's easy for our regular and past participants to find us. So keep the blog address saved/bookmarked on your browser!

*the challenges will still be anything goes fantasy (with exception of no longer accepting witches, wizards that includes Harry Potter characters or accessories)

*the challenges will still start on the 1st Saturday of each month and last most of the month 

*a new bragging rights opportunity in 2024 will be the fantasy focus option that will have its own badge each month; to be eligible you just have to submit 1 focus option project to be considered

January 2024 focus is the Abominable Snowman/Yeti/Bigfoot/Sasquatch creature

February 2024 focus is Cupid

March 2024 focus is Leprechaun

to give you some ideas as you set up your crafting calendars

*a DT Call separate post was published in December 2023

*the awesome artisan Vannessa H is joining our DT for 2024!!! Welcome to the crew!!!