Tuesday 20 February 2024

HQFCB or previous TFATU #2.5 Reminder Post for 20 February 2024

  We at HQFCB (TFATU) are hoping your dreams and wishes are coming true! 

It's close to the midway point of the 2nd competition ending on February 29th so DT Granmargaret and I are bringing some more magical inspiration to tantalize your creative mojo! 

Come and join our 'always anything fantasy goes' theme competition. Bragging rights are possible. Starting in 2023, the winner will be offered an invite to be a Guest Designer in the following month's competition. And then there are a minimum of Top 3. If there are 41+ entries, there will be a Top 5 which gives a couple of more crafters a chance at bragging rights. 

In 2024,we're also starting a new monthly fantasy focus option and will have a best pick of those as an additional winner. February's fantasy focus is Cupid. There is a separate bragging rights badge possible for this focus so make sure to have at least 1 February focus entry to be considered.

DT Granmargaret's card = using focus option of Cupid


DT/owner Becca's project #1 = gnome 


February 2024 focus option: Cupid =

Thanks Granmargaret for joining me in offering more inspiration to the TFATU readers!
Check the sidebar of the blog for each design team member's links to their personal blogs.


February 3, 2024 competition link for Heart's Quest Fantasy (TFATU) challenge blog=

The main launch posting has the Inlinkz tool address that you need to use to submit your 1-5 fantasy themed cards and remember that we're offering a new monthly fantasy option with its own honoree badge (you've got to submit at least 1 Cupid project to be considered).


Crafting happily forevermore,

Heart's Quest Fantasy Challenge Blog 2024 design team

Claire, Ilonka, Granmargaret, Vannessa H and Becca



In January 2024, "TFATU" will be renamed since I will be making it part of my Heart's Quest family of challenge blogs. It's new name is "Heart's Quest Fantasy Challenge Blog". 

The blog address will remain the same for 2024. We hope that you will continue to support our unique niche in the paper-crafting/cardmaking blog world.

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