Fantasy Craft Artisan Profile #1 about Pamela Hecht

 Heart's Quest Fantasy Artisan Profile #1

Who: featured craft artisan: Pamela Hecht

Where: location: Michigan, USA

Why: Pamela and I crossed paths online through an ATC and card swap group that she co-administers. I stayed with the group for about a year. We've stayed as FB friends and just continue to be dazzled by her artistry. Pam and her husband own a cafe and she has retail space there to sell her crafts and paintings. Her creative interests range from jewelry to acrylic pour paintings to abstract paintings, wood and copper pieces, and many more. She's been entering at different art and county fair competitions, too, and winning many ribbons and awards! Thanks Pamela for sharing your gnome fantasy crafting sensations with readers of Heart's Quest Fantasy!!! --with appreciation, Becca

What: featured fantasy craft creations are: 

(1) gnomes made with mop 'heads':

(2) mini gnome magnets:

description on how she made these mini croc magnets:

(copied from private messaging)


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