Wednesday 20 December 2023

TFATU or renamed HQFCB #12.5 Reminder for 31 December 2023 deadline and DT Call

  We at TFATU (HQFCB) are hoping your dreams and wishes are coming true! 

It's close to the midway point of the 12th competition ending on December 31st so DT Granmargaret and I are bringing some more magical inspiration to tantalize your creative mojo! 

Come and join our 'always anything fantasy goes' theme competition. Bragging rights are possible. Starting in 2023, the winner will be offered an invite to be a Guest Designer in the following month's competition. In 2024, each month will have a fantasy focus option that will have its own winner pick with special badge. There are a minimum of Top 3 from the at-large submissions. If there are 41+ entries, there will be a Top 5 which gives a couple of more crafters a chance at bragging rights. 

DT Granmargaret's card = Christmas Fairy 


DT/owner Becca S' card = Christmas Angel messenger 

Thanks Granmargaret for joining me in offering more inspiration to the TFATU/HQFCB readers!
Check the sidebar of the blog for each design team member's links to their personal blogs.


December 2, 2023 competition link for The Fairy and The Unicorn challenge blog=

The main launch posting has the Inlinkz tool address that you need to use to submit your 1-5 fantasy themed cards. (used to be a 3 card limit)


Crafting happily forevermore,

The Fairy and The Unicorn Challenge Blog design team

Claire, Ilonka, Granmargaret, Becca and joining in 2024: Vannessa H!!!





In January 2024, TFATU will be undergoing some changes. The blog banner and badges main color will switch to red. 

"TFATU" will be renamed since I will be making it part of my Heart's Quest family of challenge blogs. It's new name will be "Heart's Quest Fantasy Challenge Blog". This title is also more inclusive to fit our theme.

NEW: Special fantasy focus each month in 2024

January 2024= Yeti (Abominable Snowman, Big Foot, Sasquatch)

February 2024= Cupid

March 2024= Leprechaun

Other month's will be revealed as the new year progresses.

The blog address will remain the same for 2024. We hope that you will continue to support our unique niche in the paper-crafting/cardmaking blog world.


Thursday 14 December 2023

HQFCB or TFATU 2024 Design Team Call Announcement

 Design Team Call Announcement

 with Best Wishes and Sweet Dreams from 

Heart's Quest Fantasy Challenge Blog!

(formerly known as TFATU or The Fairy and The Unicorn)



themes are always AGF= anything goes fantasy

still starting on the 1st Saturday of each month

#1 = January 6-31, 2024

Participants can enter 1-5 fantasy themed cards each month.

Introducing in 2024, we will have a fantasy focus option each month and those who choose to do that selection, they will be eligible for a 'best option winner' badge for an additional bragging right.

January's fantasy focus is: Yeti or Abominable Snowman


Design Team for 2024 are: Granmargaret, Claire, Ilonka, and Becca!!!


Design Team Call for 2-3 new members for 2024

Tasks are:

*create a fantasy theme card for each month due 2 days before the first Saturday

*in 2024 as we start a fantasy focus with special bragging rights winner each month, using that creature/character on your project is an option for DT but encouraged

*optional: create a fantasy theme card for each month's reminder post on the 20th of each month

*comment on one or two assigned numbers between 0-9 so that participation commenting is shared amongst the DT membership

*rotation assignment for selecting monthly winners and top picks

*for each HQFCB/TFATU card made, a personal blog posting is made that includes the new challenge/reminder post link(s) [and it is also encouraged that you share on Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and/or Facebook profile and groups]

*DT communication is done through a FB private group for posting questions, post your project photos in the appropriate album(s), etc.

That's it. We try to keep it low key and no drama. 

If you enjoy embracing the magical, imaginative, make-believe wonder of fantasy characters and/or creatures, then consider becoming a design team member for 2024.


send an email message inquiry to owner Becca S =

Saturday 2 December 2023

TFATU will soon be Heart's Quest Fantasy Challenge Blog #12 competition for December 2023

 Welcome to this month's challenge at The Fairy and The Unicorn challenge blog! We are looking forward to being razzled and dazzled with your magical fantasy creations!

[The Winner and Top 3 from last month's challenge were shared in a separate post.]  

December 2023 Competition #12 (Dec 2-31) Challenge's theme is always ANYTHING GOES FANTASY! 


GUEST Designer from October 2023 Competition #10 Overall Winner=

ELAINE or Ellapu!!!

Elaine here, I am 63 years old and been card making for a couple of years.  I am currently on 8 design teams so always busy getting projects made.  My background I was previously a mixed media artist and a colorist.  I find the only stress free times in my life is being in my craft room creating. 

Regards Elaine xx

GD Elaine= Christmas fairies=

Elaine always does such marvelously brilliant creative ways to capture the magical imagination of fantasy!! 

Awesome Guest Designer project!! THANKS, Elaine!


More fantasy design inspiration from the TFATU/HQFCB team:

Claire  = fairy

Tracey  = has stepped down

Tracey's creative talents will be missed. Take care, dear.

Gale  = has stepped down a few days ago
Gale's creative talents will be missed. Take care, dear.

Granmargaret = caroling angels


Becca  = winter fairy


Ilonka  = gnome ready for Christmas

 Wonderful variety! (fairies, gnome,  ) 
Thank you so much ladies for your fabulous fantasy makes!

To enter the challenge up to 5 new fantasy themed creations, please link up using the Inlinkz Tool Address:


 The DT rotates turns for selecting the winner and top 3. After the challenge ends, those selected for recognition will be announced in a separate post.

Deadline for December 2023's challenge competition is on the 31st.


Best wishes and sweet dreams!

-- from the TFATU design team and owner Becca S.


There will be some changes coming to TFATU in January 2024. 

I own 4 other challenge blog with 3 in the "FarmQuest family" and 1 called Heart's Quest, so to make things a bit more cohesive, I'm going to make TFATU part of the "Heart's Quest family". 

The new name is Heart's Quest Fantasy Challenge Blog. 

And the new blog banner and badge color is a light rose red. (and a yeti image was added after posting this in the draft)

Note: the blog address will stay the same so keep TFATU saved to your favorite bookmarks!

New feature fantasy creature each month starting in January 2024!!

Let's get our creative thoughts sparked to reimagine!

January's special focus will be Yeti or Abominable Snowman (Sasquatch and other names) is a good choice for winter scenes!

There will be a Best Pick just for this particular fantasy creature!!! This increases bragging right opportunities!! Use at least 1 of your entries on the monthly focus if you'd like to do that! Have fun!