Thursday 14 December 2023

HQFCB or TFATU 2024 Design Team Call Announcement

 Design Team Call Announcement

 with Best Wishes and Sweet Dreams from 

Heart's Quest Fantasy Challenge Blog!

(formerly known as TFATU or The Fairy and The Unicorn)



themes are always AGF= anything goes fantasy

still starting on the 1st Saturday of each month

#1 = January 6-31, 2024

Participants can enter 1-5 fantasy themed cards each month.

Introducing in 2024, we will have a fantasy focus option each month and those who choose to do that selection, they will be eligible for a 'best option winner' badge for an additional bragging right.

January's fantasy focus is: Yeti or Abominable Snowman


Design Team for 2024 are: Granmargaret, Claire, Ilonka, and Becca!!!


Design Team Call for 2-3 new members for 2024

Tasks are:

*create a fantasy theme card for each month due 2 days before the first Saturday

*in 2024 as we start a fantasy focus with special bragging rights winner each month, using that creature/character on your project is an option for DT but encouraged

*optional: create a fantasy theme card for each month's reminder post on the 20th of each month

*comment on one or two assigned numbers between 0-9 so that participation commenting is shared amongst the DT membership

*rotation assignment for selecting monthly winners and top picks

*for each HQFCB/TFATU card made, a personal blog posting is made that includes the new challenge/reminder post link(s) [and it is also encouraged that you share on Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and/or Facebook profile and groups]

*DT communication is done through a FB private group for posting questions, post your project photos in the appropriate album(s), etc.

That's it. We try to keep it low key and no drama. 

If you enjoy embracing the magical, imaginative, make-believe wonder of fantasy characters and/or creatures, then consider becoming a design team member for 2024.


send an email message inquiry to owner Becca S =

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